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What To Expect At Today's Audition...

Thank you for participating in today's audition! Man In Motion is dedicated to hosting a professional, well-run audition that also offers a positive experience for your dancer. With that said, we have a relatively large group of dancers attending and we can only cast a small number for our video project.

This is where the parents come in... 

If your dancer is selected today, we want you to congratulate them on a job well done. If your dancer is not selected today, we also want you to congratualte them on a job well done! We want all dancers to understand that the audition process is never a personal reflection on one's talent,. Rather, it's only a reflection on what is needed at that particular time. As your dancer starts the journey towards auditioning, they will encounter all different types of experiences, and we want them to always feel valued, while working hard towards success.

What happens next...

The auditions will finish at 1:00 PM. Please arrive at that time to pick up your dancer. We will ask ALL dancers to leave the building once the audition is officially over

The production team will conduct an audition evaulation and we will select those dancers for whom we are inviting to be a part of the project.
Those selected, will receive an email inviting them back for the mandatory rehearsal from 2:30  - 4:30. That email will be received anytime between. 1:30 - 2:15 PM. Dancers may want to grab something quick to eat during that time in case you are invited back. 

Anyone not selected to return, will not receive an email. However, this does not signify the end of your journey with Man  In Motion. We will be sure to follow up with an email in a few days. That email will have information on other exciting projects  and events coming in the near future. 

You will also want to follow us on Instagram to see any content we post from inside the audition. Who knows... you just might get to see your dancer on our Instagram post or Instagram story. 

In closing, we look forward to producing a video that will get audiences into the true spirit of Halloween. We plan to release the video on all social media platforms on October 22, 2023, and YOU will be the first to view it!

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you need to contact us (or your dancer) during
 the audition for any reason,  we will be checking emails periodically. 

As always, we thnak you for choosing Man In Motion!


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