Tell Us How You Feel! You May Even Earn a Free Gift Card to Broadway Dance Center In NYC!


At Man In Motion, we understand just how difficult and frustrating – and even emotional – this dance year has become all of a sudden…especially for you as a senior. Frankly, it really sucks! 


We know you were especially looking forward to this year of competition – and you’ve been working really hard on your solo. And now, because of social distancing and the stay-at-home guidelines, you won’t be able to perform it as many times as you had hoped.


Given all that, we’d like to offer you the opportunity to express how you’re feeling about your senior year and potentially be featured in our upcoming article. You may even get a chance to share your solo video with over 10,000 subscribers. Read our previous blog.

Terms & Conditions for Free Gift Card:

A free gift card to Broadway Dance Center in New York City will be offered only to the graduating seniors who are included in our upcoming blog with a representation of three or more quotable sentences and/or the inclusion of a video. Any gift card offering will occur after the blog has been published (June 2020). The gift card amount will be the equivalent of a one class purchase. 

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